International marriage between Japanese and American/British people

Japanese girls like American/British guys?

We often hear Japanese girls (include bitch) like European and American guys but it is difficult to find out the proof.
However International marriage situation is helpful for discussion on this issue.
International marriage has increase recently in Japan. 34,393 couples that got married in 2009 were consisted of one Japanese and another foreigner.
The number of international marriage between Japanese man and foreign woman was 26,747 couples.
The breakdown of wife’s nationality is below;
(data: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
1. China-12,733 (48%)
2. Philippine-5,755 (22%)
3. Korea-4,113 (15%)
4. Thailand-1,225 (5%)
5. Brazil-273 (0.7%)
6. USA-179 (0.6%)
7. Peru-93 (0.3%)
8. UK-56 (0.2%)
9. The others-2,320 (9%)

International marriage between Japanese man and America/British woman is rare.
I think the reasons are below;
+Japanese guys are not good at English.
+Japanese guys are very shy.
+Japanese guys don’t like America/British women with strong perfume.
+ America/British women are often taller than Japanese guys.
+ America/British women are not interested in Japanese guys.
+ America/British women don’t have any merits to get married with Japanese guys.

On the other hand, the number of international marriage between Japanese woman and foreign man was 7,646 couples.
The breakdown of husband’s nationality is below;
1. Korea-1,879 (26%)
2. USA-1,453 (19%)
3. China-986 (12%)
4. UK-367 (5%)
5. Brazil-290 (4%)
6. Philippine-156 (2%)
7. Peru-90 (1%)
8. Thailand-58 (0.8%)
9. The others-2,367 (31%)

International marriage between Japanese woman and America/British man is high percentage.
I guess the reasons are below;
+Japanese women like America/British guys.
+Japanese women are better at English than Japanese guys.
+Japanese women are resistless from aggressive attack by America/British style.
+American and British guys feel disgusted at cheeky America/British ladies.

I think generally American and British guys are popular in young Japanese women. Even if the girls in your country don’t deal with you, Japanese girls might accept you at warm heart(?).
One the other hand, I have never heard American and British girls like Japanese guys. What a pity…

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  1. Xavi より:

    What a pity!
    Japanese girls don’t like to date non-white guys, so sad!