How to anger Japanese people?

A taboo joke in Japan

Emotional ups and downs of Japanese is smaller than other country people.
Therefore it is difficult for you to anger Japanese people.
“Jap” and “Yellow monkey” are well kwon as insult for Japanese, but if you use these words for Japanese, they might not get anger. (However they must be disappointed at you and your country.)
But you have one strong choice to anger Japanese easily.
If you insult or joke about the big earthquake in 3.11 2011(include Tsunami and nuclear accident in Fukushima), you can see angry Japanese…
You maybe think there is no stupid fellow in the world. But I sometimes find example in news.

Belgian soccer fans joked Japanese goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima about Fukushima disaster in the soccer game in Aug 2011.
I think the Belgian soccer fans might say it with a light heart, but Kawashima shed tears in the locker room. Japanese people got really angry with this incident.
In addition, next case is more heinous.

This flag say “we celebrate for great Japanese earthquake”
It was done by Korean football supporters in the game of Asian champions league, Japanese club team VS Korean club team, where opened in Korea in Sep 27.

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