I can go about daily life without speaking language.

Automatization is highly developed in Japan.

Vending machine and instruction manual dominate over Japan now.
Therefore it is possible for me not to talk with someone if I’d like to do.

For example, I can eat Gyu-don(Japanese slice beef rice) without a word.
When a customer enters the Gyu-don restaurant, waiters say” Irassayi mase (Welcome!), but he usually doesn’t react for it. What waiters saying is decided by instruction manual and there is no heart in the greeting…
Well, He goes in front of automatic vending machine and buys food ticket soon.

After that, he takes seat which you like and put food ticket on counter. Soon s waiter comes to you and pick up it. The waiter confirms the menu which the customer chooses but it’s OK to ignore. Even if the customer keeps quiet, the waiter go away from the customer soon because waiters are very busy.
If the customer ordered normal Gyu-don, it usually comes to you within one minute. And the customer can finish eating within ten minutes. After the short time meal, the customer go out while hearing heartless “Arigatou gozaimasita (thank you)” in front of you…
As above, a customer of Gyu-don restaurant usually keeps quiet. If you concern about language barrier in Japan, you have to go Gyu-don restaurant. It’s wordless space…

It was really quite in this Gyu-don restaurant…

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