Prices in Japan are very high?

Not a few companies have targeted the poor people to sell goods or services.

Many countries maybe think that the prices in Japan is very high.
According to ECA’s Cost of Living Survey, Japan is the highest prices country in the world indeed.

But fast food is not expensive in Japan. For example, the price of the Big Mac in Japan is same level as English-spoken countries.
In addition, there are a lot of fast food chains in Japan. We can have decent taste meals there at low price. For example, Gyu-don(Japanese slice beef rice)- \280,Kaiten sushi(sushi-go-round)-\100/a dish.
And we can keep down living cost if we want.
I often go to soon-to-be-shuttered supermarket and buy meals on sale at half price.
There are lots of \100 shops in any town which sell wide variety goods by \100.

Sleeping place is also cheap.
We can stay in Capsular hotel at \3000, in Manga-café at less than \2000, further more in the park at free (I’m not going to recommend but it may be safer than your country.)
As above, it is fully possible to travel Japan at very low cost.

It has increase a kind of discount shop recently.
Mainly developing countries might think that Japan is rich country, but it is different.
The gap between the rich and the poor has widened recently in japan. The population of poor people in Japan has been increasing. (Same phenomenon has taken place in developed countries such as US).
Therefore not a few companies have targeted the poor people to sell goods or services.
Due to it, poor people like me can live in Japan with a decent pleasure.

I guess when you travel around Japan, you will save travel costs more than expected.

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