Useful Japanese slang

If you use Japanese slang, it might happen something good?

I say you need not learn Japanese.
But there are some useful words catching Japanese heart if foreigners use them.

This word means ” Maximum” “Best” “Never been better”
When you have Japanese foods in front of Japanese people, let’s shout ” Saikoh!!!”
Or when Japanese say to you “How are you?” , let’s shout ” Saikoh!!!”
Your surprising reaction hits Japanese (from young to old) heart absolutely.

This word means ” vigorous” “Good”
When you are asked “How are you?” Let’s reply “Genki!!!!”
Or if you speak to someone suddenly “Genki? (it means “How are you”), the person must reply” Genki Genki hahaha!”

This word means ” All right” “Wow” “Great”
When good things happen, let’s shout loudly “Yossyaa!!!”
The word is slang, Japanese people around you must be surprised and laugh.

This word means ” Really?”
But perhaps you should not use it for elder people.

This word means ” Lessen the price”
When you buy anything in family type shop, let’ use this word.

This word means ” Why?”
If you think “Why?” , Let’s speak up “なんでやねん(Nandeyanen)”, Japanese people will laugh loudly.
This word is dialect in Osaka, and comedians from Osaka often use this word.

This word means ” I love you” (but it’s not slang.)
Don’t use to innocent guys/girls!
But if you say “愛してる(Aishiteru)” to old women, maybe they think it as a joke and laugh.
If you say “愛してる(Aishiteru)” to boys, they must disappear from you soon.

Most Japanese don’t expect foreigners to speak Japanese therefore your surprising action must give big impact for Japanese people. Especially, young Japanese ladies reaction must be good.

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