Japanese people are kind or not??

Japanese people are not kind people, but they are not bad people.

I found interesting research about ratio of kind people by OECD.

The title is “Pro- and anti-social behavior”

Pro-social behaviour averages country responses to three questions about whether the respondent has volunteered time, donated money to a charity and helped a stranger in the last month.

Anti-social behaviour averages responses to questions on whether the respondent has had money or property stolen in the last year and been assaulted.


This research indicated that Japanese are less pro-social (kind), and less anti-social.

Briefly speaking, Japanese are not kind people, but they are not bad people.

On the other hand, Anglophone countries such as US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and UK are kinder in the world.

I think the reason is related to Christian charity spirits (and also I know Muslim and Hindu people give consideration to charity ).

I’m sorry to say, Japanese charity spirits might not be enough. But all of Japanese think it important. They also have heart helping other people but it seems just passive…

On the other hand, this research indicated that Japanese tend not to help a stranger.

Hmm, even if any troubles happen to you and you are at a loss what to do in Japan, Japanese might not help you voluntarily. But if you ask someone for help, he/she will help you in high ratio. Japanese people are shy, not unkind, I think.

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    Japanese language must be too hard for you to learn.