How much ratio can Japanese people use English well?

According to a research, only 3% Japanese can use English well.

I could find the data which show how much ratio Japanese can use English.
The research indicated showed that only 3% Japanese can use English well.

The author asked 20-89 years old people around Japan how they could use English.
This research took place in 2002-2003 and the number of collected answer is 4874.
I think it is fully reliable data because population is big and random survey for Japanese though it is a little bit old data.

Reading ability
1. they can read English book or newspaper well.2.They can manage to read English book or newspaper. 3.They can only short sentence in English.4.They can understand easy English words.

5.They can hardly read English.

Speaking ability
  1. they can go about their daily life and work in English enough.
  2. They can manage to go about their daily life and work in English.
 They can use English.N=141 (3%)  They can’t use English.N=54 (1%)
  1. They can ask direction or order in restaurants in English.
  2. They can say hello in English.
  3. They can hardly speak in English.
 They can’t use English.N=88 (2%)  They can’t use English.N=4591 (94%)

(Reference: Influences of Family and Social Environments on English Proficiency Among Japanese People,
People is classified into 5 level of English ability (each conversation and reading)
The author recognized that people who fill 1 and 2 level can use English well.

The percentage was only 3%. But it’s almost same level as I assume.
Below are my personal opinions.
I’d like to show the example so that you can understand real English level of Japanese people.
(Notice: It’s my assumption)

100% Japanese can understand the meanings of the words below;
Yes, No, Ok, Thank you, Hello, good, nice, fine, Good morning, Love, Help, Money, America, How much?
One two three four five six seven nine ten,

80% Japanese can understand (In particular young Japanese can understand almost 100%)
Excuse me, How are you?, Fuck, Like, Pardon?, See you later, Oh my God, This is a pen,
Eleven twelve thirteen, twenty, hundred

50% Japanese can understand;
Why?, Where? , What? ,How old are you?, son of a bitch, thousand, UK

20%Japanese can communicate with you in simple English. (50%young Japanese can do)

5%Japanese can communicate with you in everyday conversation level (I’m in this level).

1%Japanese can communicate with you effectively in any situation.

Simply speaking, when you go a restaurant, you can have dishes and pay bill without problems,because almost 100%Japanese know money-related words.
When you ask which way to go, 10-20%Japanese maybe answer properly. But if you speak to 20’s-40’s people or businessman-like people, success percentage must be up.
Unfortunately, you can fully enjoy English conversation with only1-5%Japanese, I think.

Above is my individual idea but I’m glad it is helpful for you about English skill of Japanese people.

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