My American friend has a Japanese girlfriend even though he can’t speak Japanese.

You can get Japanese girls if you can’t speak Japanese.

I have an American friend. He is an English teacher in Japan (I was his student for a brief period). His dream is to spread “Beautiful American English” in Japan.
He can’t speak Japanese though he came here more than 1 year ago. But he works without problems and enjoy his life in Japan. In addition, he has a pretty Japanese girlfriend!
I asked him once “Why can you get along without language problems?”
He replied “Everyone speaks to me in English. It’s not necessary for me to learn Japanese.”

This story indicates 3 important points.
1. Not a few Japanese people like to speak English.
2. Even foreigners who can’t speak Japanese can live and work in Japan, therefore I think that travelers can stay in Japan for a brief period very easily.
3. Japanese girls like English speaker.

That is why I say “You don’t have to learn Japanese.”
However he is good at use understandable English for Japanese people. You should follow him.

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  1. yuki より:

    4You can get Japanese girls if you can’t speak Japanese?

    You’re not supposed to think about us like a ‘tool’ . It’s just rude