Proper English is useless in Japan?

Use simple phrase rather than polite one.

If you are proud of your beautiful pronunciation, I feel sorry for you because your English may be useless in Japan.
“Excuse me, I think I’m lost. How can I get to Tokyo station?”
Above is very easy sentence, but I guess over 90% Japanese can’t understand this sentence which the native speakers pronounce.
Instead of this proper question style, you would rather shout repeatedly “Tokyo station!” “Tokyo station!” “Tokyo station!” Most Japanese people whom you speak to find out that you want to go to Tokyo station and they will show you how to go there.
If you don’t want to do such a barbaric action, perhaps you should write what you think on paper “Where is Tokyo station? I guess most Japanese can understand you want to go to Tokyo station.

You should not stick to speak beautiful English. But you don’t have to learn Japanese. You should use just easy-English. That’s OK.

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