Don’t learn Japanese because…

Thank you for visiting this website!I’m a Japanese guy living in Japan now.
I’m sorry for my immature English, but I have important messages for you.

You must be interested in Japan because you visit this website.And I guess some of visitors are going to go to Japan.But you maybe concern two problems.

  1. I don’t know Japanese language
  2. Japanese are bad at English

My friend, if you and I meet in the US, you must expect me to speak English.But if you and I meet in Japan, I don’t expect you to speak Japanese.Japanese people know Japanese language is very difficult for foreigners to master and English is global standard language.

Therefore, Japanese try to use English to communicate with you in any places and any cases.The fact means you don’t have to learn Japanese.(You must thank God for this advantage. On the other hand, we Japanese have to learn English with very big pain!)

And you maybe know most Japanese don’t speak English.That is half-right.

OK, most Japanese can’t speak English fluently as you concern.But Japanese people learn English for 6 years in school. Do you believe they don’t understand English absolutely?

In fact, most of them can understand simple English.(Detail is analyzed in other page )For these reasons, I dare say “You don’t have to learn Japanese.”You can travel around Japan with English only.

So, come to Japan soon!